Website Tips

Check this page often to see new features as they are added to this website. Athens-Limestone Hospital Wellness Center is currently a site that will expand over time in order to build a more comprehensive profile of your health.

Habit Diary
Use this new feature to keep track of your nicotine and alcohol habits. You can also record detailed information about your cravings.

Diet and Exercise Planner
There's a new section on Your Wellness Menu! Beneath the Health Information section, there is now a Diet and Exercise Planner. This tool consists of six components: Browse Exercises, Search Exercises, View My Exercises, Get Exercise Recommendations, Track Exercises, and Track Meals. You can use all of these components to help you plan out an exercise regimen suited to your needs, as well as register your exact caloric intake according to USDA standards. All of the exercises and foods that you log will be registered in Your Wellness Profile, so that you can more easily manage all of your Wellness information. Please note, however, that while the Meal Tracker already has more than 1000+ food items in its database, more are currently being registered. The database will grow over the next few days, until there are approximately 7,000 food items for you to track. Have fun with these tools, and good luck!

The USDA Food Pyramid
Read more about the new food pyramid and what proportions of various food groups should be in your diet.

Your Target Heart Rate and Resting Heart Rate
Learn more about having a healthy heart rate and testing your exercises for appropriate intensity.

Alcohol and Your Health
Learn about the difference between alcohol and alcoholism, and how to tell if someone has a problem.

Tips for Stress Management
Read about some ways you can help your stress level.

Mood Checklist
Use this checklist to help yourself evaluate whether or not you may have an underlying mood disorder.

BMI Calculator
Use this tool to discover your body mass index. This will indicate probable health risks and benefits.

Calories Burned Calculator
This tool allows you to input some of your favorite activities and see how many calories they burn.

Track Weight/Goals
Input your goal weight and current weight. Schedule a weekly weigh-in and this application will keep track of your progress.

Begin to Educate Yourself
Learn about healthy eating plans, portion sizes, and caloric needs.

Get Active!
Learn about the benefits of getting active and how to fit physical activity into your schedule.

Wellness Assessment
Take this quiz to get a quick run-down of your more general health risks and wellness status.

And More! Be sure to visit the User Guide for more information about Your Wellness Profile and Your Wellness Menu, as well as other areas of this site.