Athens-Limestone Hospital Wellness Habit Diary

Keeping track of the habits that negatively affect your overall health can help you better understand what triggers them. Use this alcohol habit diary to record your drinking habits and the circumstances contributing to them. You can also use the nicotine habit diary in the same way for your smoking/smokeless tobacco usage.

Using the Diaries
Logging in and recording these habits will allow you to view when you engage in them, how strong your cravings were at the time, and just how much alcohol or nicotine you used. To input an entry, just click the "Add an Entry" link beneath your user name on the diary page. You can then record more detailed information about your usage of these substances. Clicking on the "view/edit" option will allow you to review the more detailed information about your entry. It is recommended that you also record how much you spent on your habit in the "notes" section.

Your diary entries will not be visible by hospital administration or colleagues. You must be logged in to use these features.

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