Athens-Limestone Hospital Wellness Center

Welcome Members!
Athens-Limestone Hospital Wellness Center is your wellness program provided to help you assess, maintain and/or improve your personal health and well-being. As a member of ALH Wellness Center, you are important to us and we want you to be healthy, happy, and able to enjoy life with your family and friends.

It can all begin by utilizing the Health Risk Assessment (HRA) to obtain an accurate and current picture of your health statistics. This feature allows personal, confidential screening for health risks and facilitates self-directed diet and fitness programs. The ALH Wellness Center is always available to answer questions, provide additional education and resources, and provide needed referrals for high-risk indicators.

Lifestyle modification is one of the single most effective interventions for improving the quality of your health. Whether it is stopping smoking, weight management and/or reduction or control of high blood pressure, many of our daily activities, habits and routines contribute to increased health problems and risk.

ALH Wellness Center can help you stay motivated and measure your results. It is proven that tracking your diet and fitness program is one of the best encouragements to a successful health improvement program.

Questions regarding the ALH Wellness Center program should be directed to the ALH Wellness Center at 256-233-9355.

Congratulations! You are already on your way to becoming a Healthier YOU!